Flavour architects by vocation

La Rosa dei gusti is a brand that was established to offer consumers distinctive, unique experiences thanks to the planning that goes into all its products. Everything else is summed up in the 7 virtues of La Rosa dei gusti.

La Rosa dei gusti

Each La Rosa dei gusti product must be


When you taste a La Rosa dei gusti product, you can be sure that nothing has been left to chance. The ingredients, recipes, pairings and production choices are all aimed at creating excellent, and most of all distinctive, food.


We make no pointless alterations to our food and look for totally authentic flavours to give to anyone who wants products that are not only very good, but also healthy and balanced.


Transforming food from a mere requirement into an informed choice. We believe we can achieve our ambition by making products that, first of all, are delicious and bring joy.


In a constantly changing world the way we eat changes too, and we are quite certain that La Rosa dei gusti can help with this change by actively showing that quality can be within everyone's reach.


We don't settle for just carefully and scrupulously selecting everything we need to make our products, but we try to bring out the best of all of Nature's bounty and respect it as much as we can, seeking out the simplicity that is fundamental to our flavours' appeal. Only what is strictly necessary, nothing more.


Since its establishment, La Rosa dei gusti has decided to pursue a course of action that that involves carefully monitoring the production chain and all its participants. This is a very precise goal that is integral to how La Rosa dei gusti products are made.


There are plenty out there who want to be "the best"; we believe it's better to simply try to become "better" and recognisable for our qualities. Some people may like La Rosa dei gusti products more, and some less, but they must always have what it takes to be positively distinctive.

Where you'll find happiness

Delicious La Rosa dei gusti products are available in Crai, in Despar and Eurospar in Sardegna, in Tuttigiorni at Cagliari, Sassari, Cardito and in all Leader Price Italia.

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