Kobe Beef Meat Ravioli
Kobe Beef Meat Ravioli

Limited edition

Kobe Beef Meat Ravioli

An extraordinary first course dish like nothing you've ever tasted before: the main ingredient is one of the very best meats, whose superb quality is down to the care that Japanese farmers show when tending to their select cattle, ensuring that the meat is totally unique. It comes exclusively from the Hyōgo prefecture, of which Kobe is the capital.

Kobe Beef Meat Ravioli

The best ingredients

Only 3,000 cattle each year are recognised and certified to make precious Kobe Beef®: a meat with unique marbling that is due to the special ratio of meat and finely spread intramuscular fat that melts on cooking, giving it its characteristic flavour, fragrance and tenderness.

The origins of flavour

The origins of flavour

Kobe Beef® cattle are raised in expertly-tended farms, eating high quality select food, exclusively in the Hyōgo prefecture on Japan's largest island, Honshū.

The origins of flavour

Meticulous production processes

Kobe Beef® is strictly certified: the first rule is that it must come from Tajima breed of cattle that must be born, reared and slaughtered exclusively in the Hyōgo prefecture and only by farmers who are members of the association for Kobe Beef. The weight, the colour of the meat and the fat, and the marbling are all established by procedural guidelines that govern the animal and the quality.

Meticulous production processes

Flavour watchers

Each cut of Kobe Beef® can easily be recognised due to the "Nojigiku" stamp, a stylised chrysanthemum, the flower representing the imperial seal.


Fresh egg pasta with adult bovine meat kobe beef® from Carni dal Mondo® 250 g


Ripieno 60%: carne di bovino adulto di Kobe 29%, acqua, LATTE parzialmente scremato, fiocchi di patate, grasso di bovino adulto di Kobe, olio di semi di girasole, Parmigiano Reggiano DOP (LATTE, sale, caglio), burro (LATTE), amido di mais, sale, cipolla al forno (cipolla, olio di girasole, zucchero, sale), carota, fibra di patata, cipolla, funghi porcini secchi (Boletus edulis e relativo gruppo). Pasta 40%: farina di GRANO tenero, uova da galline allevate a terra 28,5%, semola di GRANO duro. Può contenere SOIA.

Nutrition Declaration

Valori medi per 100 g

Average nutritional values

per 100 g


1363 kJ / 325 kcal


21 g

di cui saturi

7,7 g


25 g

di cui zuccheri

0,8 g


2,7 g


10 g

Per gustarli al meglio

Store in the fridge at max. +4°C. To be enjoyed pure.

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