Fighting food waste starts with your fridge
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Fighting food waste starts with your fridge

More than 60% of Italians don't know the difference between “use by” (expiry date) and “best before” (minimum storage time) and this has a huge impact on our planet: in Europe 10% of food waste is due to interpreting labels wrongly.

When do you really need to throw away food?

There's a very important difference between the two terms: if a product's Use By date has passed, it may be a health risk. The "Best Before" date (minimum storage time) doesn't mean that after this date the product has "gone off", as many people think: it's just the maker's estimate of the end date the food is at its best. If this date has passed, it doesn't mean the product poses a health risk, but it may gradually lose the properties that make it smell and taste good.

La Rosa dei gusti for Too Good To Go

One of La Rosa dei gusti's guiding principles is sustainability, which is why it has signed up to the Too Good To Go project, an app fighting food waste, inviting consumers clearly and directly to use their own senses to check if an item is still good to consume before throwing it away via in-store information and the Awareness Label (Look, Smell, Taste) on packaging.

Often good for longer

The wording " Spesso Buon Oltre ", with pictograms that encourage you to use your senses to see if the product can still be consumed, is a small aid designed to inspire, educate and provide all the tools you need to help reduce food waste and most importantly to make it part of your daily routine.

This is important because reducing waste in the home means reducing greenhouse gas emissions and pressure on raw materials, thereby reducing our environmental impact.

Fighting food waste starts with your fridge

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