Cantabrian Sea anchovy fillets
Cantabrian Sea anchovy fillets

Cantabrian Sea anchovy fillets

The cold waters of the Cantabrian Sea and the long nights of species-friendly fishing give these fillets their unique flavour. The patient processing, the rinsing in cold fresh water, and the extra virgin olive oil they are put in bring out the best of their tenderness and delicate flavour.


The best ingredients

Only anchovies that have the perfect size and flavour, with a soft, fleshy consistency. Pure extra virgin olive oil, besides adding flavour, allows the product to shine. Sea salt, a source of iodine and essential to preserve its organoleptic properties.

The origins of flavour

The origins of flavour

The anchovies our fillets come from are superior quality and fished out to sea in the crystal clear Spanish waters of the Cantabrian Sea.

The origins of flavour

Meticulous production processes

To ensure that every single anchovy fillet remains whole, they are exclusively processed by hand, using artisanal methods that involve salting them slightly and rinsing them for a long period in cold fresh water. This is why they are so full of flavour but not salty.

Meticulous production processes

Flavour watchers

Dancing anchovies. Anchovies perform wonderful dances in the water: when they get together in large schools they whirl round in a dizzying display, looking like a spinning silver ball.


Anchovies fillets 48 g / 100 g


Anchovies (FISH) 53%, extra virgin olive oil 47%, salt.

Nutrition Declaration

Average nutritional values per 100g of product

Average nutritional values

per 100 g


542 kJ / 129 Kcal


5,1 g

of which saturates

0,9 g


0,3 g

of which sugars

<0,1 g


20,5 g


6,75 g

Kitchen pairings

Genovese pesto

Genovese pesto

The authentic recipe from Genoa made unique by the aroma of garlic from Vessalico.

Mayonnaise with Olive Oil without Preservatives

Mayonnaise with Olive Oil without Preservatives

Only olive oil, eggs from free-range hens, salt, lemon, vinegar and brown sugar.


The philosophy of flavour architects

The anchovy, a precious and silent presence in the sea: every encounter with humans is like poetry in motion.

To enjoy it best

Store the product between 3° and 5 °C and leave it at room temperature for 10 minutes before consuming.

Where you'll find happiness

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